We are living in times of upheaval. Angela Merkel announces her farewell, the “Linden street” will be evicted in the foreseeable future, and now Helene Fischer and Florian silver iron have announced that they have terminated their relationship with love – and, unnoticed by the ever-interested Public, some time ago. It was, writes silver, iron, after a Phase of sadness, in the meantime, “happily separated”.

Jörg Thomann

editor in the Department “life,” the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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A “large incision”, as expressed in silver iron, is this separation not only for the Couple, but also for the show business and, even more, for the media. The pairing between the fishermen, the enjoys in this country a unique popularity, and its also very prominent partners is likely to have the most famous relationship in the industry, and that this was just lived in very short snippets of time, only made you even more fascinating. The rainbow press is used both as a projection surface for the same set of fantasy stories about wedding, babies, jealousy, and continued on their faces – its usually significantly smaller than their – obsessive frequency on the title pages.

the fisherman and the silver iron, to be young, neat, and attractive, the eternal crown Prince couple in a country that has no monarch knows (apart from the last living Emperor, but in the recent time to Shine has lost).

As far as for the artist, the path to this Status has been illustrated in the Video for their first joint TV appearance at the “wedding feast of folk music” in may 2005, the Link is there divided at the moment. Arm in Arm, they strut as the show flight of stairs, you are in good lace dress, he in the aesthetically questionable three-piece suit with a gold coloured tie, and sing operetta lines like “You’re the most beautiful Fairy of Debrecen up to the lake” or “Because my passion burns even hotter than goulash juice”.

A loving couple they were until three years later. Your passion but you have presented, if at all, always well-tempered. Then chatted with the two on stage at one of their Shows about this kind of a weird Moment, joked about the Outfit of your early years, Florian was “now is not the pearl”, and Helene “still not as hot as it is today” – and worked even when the audience cheered shy kiss as a Couple at a debutante ball.

Also because of the rare public displays of affection often appeared strange officially, rumors never ceases, that there is an apparent relationship of both professional will demonstrate Benefit. In this case, but you would have been with crazy effort staged by the large Helene Tattoo on silver iron shoulder up to regular vacation trips to Mallorca. Rather, one may assume that two people have developed – first of all, together and sometime apart.

The show’s star and the all-purpose weapon

the Clown and the cute girl, even if you do not need to celebrate their music still, two of the most professional stage artist: Florian Silbereisen, a sovereign moderating all-purpose weapon for the public audience and Helene Fischer show star, whose revenue exceeded last by Céline Dion and Britney Spears.