The German Federal States want to reduce the welfare benefits for those asylum seekers that have already been made in another European country. According to a report in the “Welt am Sonntag” call on the 16 Minister presidents of the German Federal government to a legislative initiative to expand the asylum seekers benefits act so that “Dublin cases will receive only reduced benefits”. The decision was sent after the December meeting of the country leaders to the Federal government.

From the cuts about a third of Germany asylum seekers could be affected, As there had been in the first half of 2018, approximately 77,000 asylum applications and approximately 30,000 Requests. In the case of these migrants, the Federal office for Migration and refugees (Bamf) had come to the conclusion that another Dublin state is for the asylum proceedings and had asked the respective country, the migrants back.

Around 21,000 Times the have States asked given their consent, because they would have shared the view of the German side that they were responsible. Actually transferred, only 4,922 thousand of this Dublin-had been migrants, such as from a response by the Federal government to a request of the left party. In recent years, the proportion was even lower.