Well, have you bathed today in the forest? No? You should make quickly. First, you are then guaranteed to be mentally and even much better. Secondly, you are totally in the Trend. In the forest of baden, the latest is a Cri, the green cherry on the cake, the exhausted us, from the constant Stress, überzivilisierte people in the Western world, ultimate healing promises.

at Least a dozen books and is currently the Council of Europe, relevant courses and forest lifeguard indoor sprouting from the ground like mushrooms after the rain. There are even, typically German, “the German Academy for forest bathing”! As you get to a course a certificate.

The child must have a name. Of all places in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where, with the most magnificent ancient beech forests of Europe, was declared in the spring in Heringsdorf on the island of Rügen, with 180 hectares of a “Green pharmacy by the sea”. Hooray, Healing The Forest. Other places followed, excited.

Baden The healing power of the forest

The Forest-Hype is a movement in Japan: Shinrin-yoku, forest(air)of baden, was born in the 1980s, was funded with millions by the state – only unfortunately, so far there are no findings about whether the Japanese are now happier. The idea itself is fabulous. And that Green, nature, forest, good for us, know and feel, we since the childhood days.

It is also proven by numerous respected scientists for a long time. Well, maybe there’s soon walks in the woods on the recipe, better than pills. But we felt not always been the soothing power of the forest? What was Joseph von Eichendorff, the romantics, the reform movement in the 1920s, Monte Verità in Ascona, where civilization critic naked in it jump around? Fifty years later, we spurted in a cold sweat on trim paths through the forest, with got but nothing of its beauty.

so Now, via the circuitous route from Japan, raving, we are of the healing power of the forest. Yes, he has, even spiritual magic. But Geez, it’s obvious but even the greatest idiot, the children feel intuitive. Earlier, people used to go, just like that, out in the woods. To unwind, take a deep breath, came out refreshed and freed from Trouble. Now, pregnant with meaning, is invited to the forest of Baden.