Italian woman wins in lottery a Picasso-GemäldeDie winner receives a Picasso in the value of one Million euros, four million euros will go to the development project in Cameroon and Madagascar.0 KommentarePeri Cochin, one of the organisers of the raffle, presenting the Picasso, which goes now to Italy. REUTERS

The Italian Claudia Borgogno has won it in a raffle in Paris-a real Picasso. Their lot had been drawn in the Christie’s auction house in Paris as the winner of the oil Painting, informed the organizers of the lottery. The value of the still life with the title “Nature Morte” (1921) is estimated to be one Million euros. The draw for the international action of “1 Picasso for 100 euros” for the benefit of projects of the aid organization Care in Africa was originally on the 30. March planned, and then because of the Covid-19 pandemic has been moved.

Each lot at a cost of 100 Euro. 51 140 Lots were sold online, which means that more than five million euros came together. The art collector David Nahmad, who had made the paintings available, receives 900 000 Euro. The remainder of the proceeds will benefit projects for the water supply of villagers in Cameroon and Madagascar.

art collector Nahmad has 300 works by Picasso – the largest private collection of Picasso in the world. The still life “Nature Morte” was the smallest painting in his possession.


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