Restart of the Premier League, English footballers want to be rats, no laboratory in the Premier League, the Ball should be rolling again soon, but always fewer players in the mood.
The resistance against the re-start in England to grow.Saskia Aleythe1 Kommentar1Seit ten years, plunges Troy Deeney fearless for Watford into the fray. The risk to the Corona times, but it’s too big.Oliver (EPA/Keystone)

results were still there, as Troy Deeney had made a decision. Deeney is the Captain of Watford FC in the English Premier League, and the League decided that this week starting Tuesday and again a kind of Training in the Clubs is to take place, he knew that, Without him. Health is more important to him than “a few pounds in the pocket,” said the 31-Year-old in the Podcast “Talk Talk Talk”. His five-month son had breathing problems, he did not want to come home and him “in even greater danger,” said Deeney.

So clearly not a first-division had positioned itself so far-Pro against the beginning of professional football. And yet, his attitude is a Trend of The resistance against the rapid re-start of the Premier League grows. Deeney is not alone. As the sports portal, “The Athletic” reported, to have him connected to several team members. It is a process that is in this Corona-crisis unparalleled in the market.

the skepticism is not unfounded, and showed up quickly. On Tuesday evening, the Premier League announced the results of the in the past 48 hours, conducted Corona Tests: Six of the 748 Tests were positive, and the Club confirmed on Wednesday itself, it hit the highest growth, the Watford FC. Three people have been infected with Corona, of a player, the defender Adrian Mariappa. All were now seven days in quarantine, before the next Tests are not forthcoming, the team should return as planned to the Training. The site is “virus-free” and a safe environment for the players, writes the Club in a Statement.

“I can’t to the hair, but in a penalty area with 19 people to a head to the ball fight. How is that going to work?”

Watford Captain Troy Deeney

the United Kingdom has taken the Virus to the infection and death figures in Europe, to the strongest; on Monday, the 20 professional clubs agreed unanimously that the Training resume. You now start with Phase one, the five players at the same time on the lawn can be, it’s football without the body contact. There are regular Tests and safety precautions, “the training centres of clubs are going to be the safest places, there is infect no one,” said Jürgen Klopp recently; he hopes for the title with Liverpool. But Deeney from table 17. Watford is from the alleged guarantees not convinced.

was presented As the concept of the players, he attached the questions could not be answered. “For Blacks, Asians and mixed ethnicities, the risk is four times higher, to get the disease, and twice as likely to have a long course of the disease,” said Deeney. “There will be an additional Screening? Heart tests to see if someone has a problem?” No one was able to answer these questions. “I said to the middle of July not to Coiffeur”, Deeney, “but to fight in a penalty area with 19 people to a head to the ball. I don’t know how this is going to work.” The players are regularly tested, not enough for him, as insurance.

Danny Rose wants to be neither the Guinea pig nor a lab rat.Photo: Peter Nicholls (Reuters)

concerns at the re-start of the Premier League, comment on other professionals: The English midfielder Danny Rose from Tottenham to Newcastle on loan, said in the Podcast “Lockdown Tactics”, with the Considerations to Continue to treat footballers as if they were lab rats or Guinea pigs. “Perhaps I risk my health for the entertainment of others. To be honest, I don’t want to,” said Rose. Sergio Agüero from Manchester City, had already emphasized at the beginning of may in an Interview with the football show “El Chiringuito”, that “the majority of the players are afraid, because they have kids and families.”

Start on 12. June?

when the Ball is in the Premier League for the first time after the 13. March can roll back, is still completely open. So far, the 12 is. June as a possible date for the restart to the visor has been taken, but a final vote on the continuation or discontinuation of the League has not yet taken place. On Tuesday, the Premier League Clubs want to exchange in a telephone meeting about the Hygiene-concepts, one can return to contact training. Until then, some Tests are still to come.

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