Christmas: 11 gift ideas without spending a penny


Even Santa Claus seems to be suffering from the rising prices. As the end-of-year celebrations approach, the final preparations are in order. But for the French, this season is not like the others since the budget is much tighter.

Between fuel, food and even energy, inflation has hit consumers’ wallets hard. Thus, the gifts should be fewer this year. “There should be a little less toys under the tree, people are not going to halve their purchases but probably decide a little differently”, confided Philippe Gueydon, general manager of King Toy, to our colleagues. to Better live your money.

With rising prices, the French have had to find other ways to please their loved ones without dealing a knockout blow to their wallets. However, there are still a few years, the second hand was very unpopular to offer. “Before, consumers equated this kind of purchase with poverty, so they felt guilty,” explains Joël Brée, professor of management at the University of Caen, to France 3.

But today, with the ecological issue and the financial barrier, the taboo around the second hand, which we find for example on Vinted, seems to have disappeared and families do not hesitate to invest in it for Christmas.

However, for families with little money to spend, there are other ways to save this Christmas. Indeed, several gifts can be made at a lower cost. Here are 11 ideas you could use for your loved ones.