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If there is a bullfighter who has taken advantage of the confinement has been Miguel Angel Perera (Puebla del Prior, Badajoz, 1983), which has triumphed in a big way in the networks with a successful initiative that, however, does not relieve your concern about the current situation of the art of bullfighting, nor his anger at how it is being treated by the Government.

– How do is located and how it is going these days so difficult?

-Thanks to God, at home we are all well, although personally I’ve carried a stick very large with the death of Borja Domecq, a friend of the truth and a gentleman farmer. Then, those of us who live in the field and we have earned we have to be at the foot of the canyon every day, as the animals do not understand of crisis or coronavirus. It is like living in a bubble within the real world, but then, doors to the outside, the reality is quite different.

-And to think that we would now be in full San Isidro.

-a year Ago I was strolling around the hotel in which I usually change when a bullfighting in Madrid. Now we would be deeply involved in the activity, preparing all of these fairs, which, unfortunately, have vanished.

-What’s hard, isn’t it?

-it Is very hard, but still more to see as the Government is denying us literally any help. That and having to endure statements such as the second vice-president, who bothers to defend bullfighting as a cultural activity. It’s disgusting. We forget that we are the second spectacle of the masses of this country, the most reported in the VAT tax to the coffers of the State. Also forget the amount of families that live in this sector and that have, since October of last year without income. We do not want more than anyone else, although we could do this so that we generate. Simply, we want to be treated like the rest of the artists cultural, and that, of course, do not take us for fools.

– do you Think this can be a way of trying to end up with the bulls covertly?

-To not be able to ban, because, constitutionally, the Party is armored, what they intend now is to end up with us-based asfixiarnos, of ruin so blatant. Them, ranging from progres and sing to the four winds that rule for everyone. I lie! Govern only for those who are interested in, putting their personal tastes to the needs of millions of people. I hurts so much this situation, but it also annoys me, for example, a first vice-president as Carmen Calvo, who has always boasted of being a big fan, is cross-arms; or presidents as the of my land, Guillermo Fernández Vara, who is also a fan of whole life and has not said or mu.

-yes you have given the do chest you are precisely you, to the return to show the side of solidarity that always characterized.

-once more we are back to show what we are and more now, with the situation so critical that we are moving as a collective: it has been thought of before to help others in finding a solution for ourselves. That is the bullfighting.

-it Is said that now’s the time to reinvent themselves and that one of the proposals most weight have been caught has been the relay runs to the closed door. What do you think?

-Not be evil, always and when you approach as a solution to this exceptional situation and not as the future of bullfighting. But, if somehow this can ease the situation a bit, to make that society does not disconnect and avoid spending a year white, go ahead with the initiative.

-If we talk about initiatives, there is no doubt that congratulate you on the success which has been carried out on social networks to bring the world of the field to the fans.

-What started out as a game to help make something more bearable confinement, at the end it has become something of a viral or myself, so reluctant that it was with this of the networks, could possibly imagine.

-Tell us a little bit more of that #QuédateconPerera.

-Have been 50 videos that, spontaneously, I’ve recorded to teach the day-to-day on a farm-livestock, showing all kind of activities: how to cure a bull to how to depart the cattle, to teach remediation, many other sites of e-field, even, we have seen the birth of a calf in direct. With the passage of the days I was watching the response of the people, and I was pleasantly surprised by the affection, of the amount of followers that we would be taking up to reach almost 25 million views. It is something amazing and that I had been fed a lot.

– Could it be said that now is when he discovered the potential of the networks to reach out to society?

-Totally. Reach 25 million views to something that we have not advertised or have moved and that we have done, home is something that has made me think. I’ve realized how careless we have been thinking that with the triumph in the square was sufficient and we have not been aware of the tools that we had on hand to make the move.

– what we will See from now to a Perera more active in networks?

-Now that the prospect of being able to goad this year are very slim, something we will be doing, but without forgetting the preparation and the training. What one should not take time away from the other.