Home for the united nations: our hope is that we have in our power to never have to use it.


The Us president, Donald Trump has on Tuesday, during a speech to the General Assembly of the United Nations, said the United States was, by far, the most powerful country in the world to be. “Our hope is that we don’t need that power and never use it.” He pointed out that people all over the world take pride in their country.

finally, The American president wanted to be in the best interest of society to expose. “The world does not belong to the globalists, but to the patriots,” said He further, stressed that the country has a history that is special and unique.

Also, he is hoping for a “good” trade agreement with the United Kingdom to be able to close as soon as the country leave the European Union.

in addition, he wants to “avoid a conflict with another country. We want peace, co-operation and the mutual benefit of all. However, I will never fail to protect the interests of America and to defend it”.

He also defended the sanctions imposed by the US against Iran and its withdrawal from the nuclear agreement by the end of 2015.
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