With Mon Petit Placement, there are no more endless appointments with your banker, no more incomprehensible jargon and inaccessible financial products. Thanks to this French company, you can invest from €300 in portfolios normally reserved for the wealthiest clients to make your money grow according to your profile, your means and your objectives. Whether you are new to investing or more expert, this solution is ideal if you want to boost or diversify your savings very simply.

With their app, you can invest 100% online and in 10 minutes! You will then access high-end products, normally reserved for the wealthy such as JP Morgan, Rothschild or Pictet. These products are carefully selected by their team of experts to offer you the best return/risk ratio.

The Mon Petit Placement offer is complete and includes 4 portfolios ranging from 3 to 12% annualized potential return depending on the risk taken:

Mon Petit Placement does not stop there and offers you thematic portfolios to be able to invest according to your values: climate, tech, recovery, etc… And this, always from 300€.

Mon Petit Placement is above all a team of professionals at your service. As soon as you register, you will have to answer a panel of questions which will determine your investor profile. Following this, you will then receive your personalized video advice and will be able to finalize your subscription.

Throughout your investment, if you have any questions, you can reach an advisor 7 days a week via their chat, by email or by phone.

The company’s interests are aligned with yours since they only charge a fee if your investment performs. You will not pay any entry or exit fees and no deposit fees. In other words, your money is never blocked, you can withdraw it at any time free of charge,

If we had to summarize investing with Mon Petit Placement it is:

We have an exceptional offer if you want to start investing or simply diversify your capital. If you register with the code PLANET on Mon Petit Placement, you can benefit from -30% on fees for one year.