In the world of Vinted, it can happen that all is not always rosy. While many of the users are benevolent and caring, there are exceptions. Indeed, some sellers are not serious or are sometimes dishonest. Fortunately, the designers of the application are aware of this and have implemented certain measures to protect users.

When a purchase is made on Vinted, the customer automatically pays a buyer protection fee. This allows you to obtain the rights to a refund in the event of a problem. For example, you should know that a maximum of 5 working days is imposed on the seller to ship the item(s) ordered.

If after this time, nothing is done, the sale will be automatically canceled and the buyer will receive his refund in the days that follow. There is therefore no need to worry if the seller disappears into thin air after the sale.

Damaged or non-compliant package, there are other problems that can occur on Vinted and cause harm to the buyer. In this case, the latter can make a refund. For this, there are four steps to follow:

By following this simple protocol, buyers are therefore protected and this allows them to make their second-hand purchases on Vinted more serenely.