Income taxes: this point to correct to save money


Faced with soaring prices, any economy is good to take. However, some can be done when many French people do not suspect it. Thus, while the income tax return has been completed for several months now, it is still possible to make corrections. And one point in particular should be studied more carefully by many taxpayers.

In January 2022, the Castex government promised 150 euros in savings for 2.5 million tax households. This would be done via the revaluation of 10% of the mileage scale used to deduct actual costs which was then announced, recalls MoneyVox.

The flat-rate allowance of 10% is intended to represent current expenses resulting from the professional activity for the purpose of establishing the amount of tax to be paid. If it is adopted by many households, the deduction of the actual costs can sometimes prove to be more advantageous. It can allow tax households to make savings by simply declaring the trips back and forth between the place of work and home.

Today, this option is little known. However, when calculating what this could bring in, many households find that the costs actually spent are more than 10% of income. To find out, you have to calculate using the scales offered by the tax authorities.

To assess the costs incurred by a taxpayer in the context of his daily business trips, the tax authorities take into account several elements. Among them are the depreciation of the vehicle, repair and maintenance costs, tire expenses, fuel consumption and insurance premiums, explain our colleagues.

The scales are adapted according to the type of vehicle (two-wheelers or automobile), and its power. It is therefore advisable to find out which one is suitable before carrying out its calculations. But how much time is left before the correction period ends?

The calculation for the deduction of actual costs can thus prove to be particularly advantageous for many households. But it is important to do them because the income tax correction tool is only available temporarily. Since August 3, 2022, it has been possible to correct your tax return on the website. The deadline is December 14, 2022, so there are still a little over 2 months to take care of it.

To correct your declaration, you must go to the site and click on the “access online correction” tab. Then, you have to make the desired corrections and validate everything.