Your attic holds potential treasures. Bargain hunters know it well! A good flea market is an opportunity to chain good deals when you are buyers. On the side of the sellers, it is also the possibility of parting with certain objects which one would no longer need, not without earning a small nest egg in the process. That said, to be sure not to miss an opportunity, it is important to follow a few rules, recalls Le Journal des Femmes on its site. So, it is better to come very early in the morning to get the best deals! This is usually the time chosen by antique dealers.

Some could also opt for a purchase in the evening, when the junk shops close and therefore sell off their prices. Problem ? It is possible that there is not much left at that time and a bad deal, even sold off, is still a bad deal. But in this case, what should you pay attention to when you hunt?

Many of the forgotten items in your attic are likely to be worth their weight in gold. This is obviously the case for certain comic books, which Planet has already had the opportunity to talk about in the past, but also for many VHS tapes that your children have no doubt had the opportunity to watch and re – watch on loop. Nor should we forget the toys they had fun with, small ones, or some of your favorite DVDs and Blu-Rays. And for good reason ! All of these hobbies can pay off big, as long as they are put up for sale in good condition (ideally new and in blister packs, if you hope to grab one or a collector).

Find the ranking of the 25 most sought-after DVDs and Blu-Rays according to the specialized site Chasse aux livres in our slideshow below.