UNITED NATIONS, February 24. /TASS/. The UN General Assembly adopted an anti-Russian resolution on Thursday, on the occasion of the anniversary of the special military operation in Ukraine, a TASS correspondent reported from the hall.A total of 141 countries voted in favor, seven (Russia, Belarus, North Korea, Mali, Nicaragua, Syria and Eritrea) were against, 32 (including China) abstained.Belarusian amendments, containing a call for negotiations and a ban on arms supplies to Kiev were turned down. Minsk also suggested excluding from the document provisions that blame Moscow for the start of the conflict and call for immediate pullback of Russian troops from Ukraine.With the support of Western nations, Ukraine earlier came up with a draft UN General Assembly resolution, which it claims is aimed at reconciliation. However, the document contains no calls for negotiations or ceasefire, but demands that Russia withdrew its troops from the Ukrainian territory. Besides, the document puts all the blame for the start of the conflict on Russia.The text also contains a call to the sides to comply with their obligations regarding civilians and prisoners of war, and calls for ensuring accountability for violations of the international law committed on the territory of Ukraine, through fair and independent investigations on national and international levels.