Management, FedEx is announcing a 39-naked layoffs in the company’s Belgian facility


Brussels airport –

The board of directors of FedEx will be 39 naked and discharged to the Belgian branch of the courier company at brussels airport. The intention was announced during a special works council, in so reporting, the liberal trade union ACLVB.

The announcement, hitting the 29 employees of FedEx, and eight of the acquired company, TNT, and two of the staff members associated with the integration of FedEx and TNT had a guide. FedEx took on TNT in 2006. This integration is still in progress.

The layoffs are part of a process of modernization of the services provided by the united states parent company, with the goal of implementing it in the uk. Therefore, according to the management of an extensive standard-setting and financial optimization, will be necessary.

The trade unions react with surprise at the plans for collective redundancy. “This is postpakketje, we didn’t expect that,” said Fouad Bougrine of the FEDERATION.