Everything seems to work for host Camille Combal on TF1. Since his arrival in 2018, he has been one of the channel’s emblematic faces. Rumba and samba no longer hold any secrets for him thanks to Dancing with the Stars. He has also successfully taken up the torch of the game Une famille en or and plays detective on the show Mask Singer.

While his voice woke up the French every morning in Virgin Tonic until 2020, Camille Combal is rather discreet about his private life. If his joie de vivre makes his fans happy, the host suffers in silence. He has a genetic eye disease. A pathology for which he had to undergo a corneal transplant in 2015. “I had the chance to meet great medical teams. When I am called upon, I help through, among other things, the Rothschild Foundation” , he explained in an interview granted in May 2021 to Téléstar.

In the Code Source podcast, broadcast by the newspaper Le Parisien, the host Camille Combal, suffering from keratoconus, confided in his illness. “It’s a genetic disease, which I have from birth, which can be quite common, which it was not possible to treat at all before” adding. “Today, they are succeeding with corneal transplants. It joins both vision problems and everyone in organ donation. So I try to raise awareness as much as possible”.

This is not the first time that the famous presenter has spoken about his health problems. With the newspaper L’Equipe in August 2021, this fervent supporter of Olympique de Marseille returned in detail to his operations and his transplants. “My two corneas are convex, they have to be replaced by transplants. One eye has already been operated on and I will soon have the second. When you are transplanted, you spend a year without sport so that your eye heals well. I am also committed not to practice extreme or violent disciplines. Someone gave me a piece of him, I must respect this gesture”, he explained to our colleagues.

But, the troublemaker of TF1 also has another particular genetic anomaly: he has only one kidney. A physical detail he was unaware of until now. “There was nothing in my health book. But I live very well with it,” he told the sports magazine, revealing an anecdote. “We have a deal with my brother: he told me he would give me one just in case and I replied that I would give him my last kidney if he needed it”, he concludes. with humour. Despite this ordeal, the famous presenter can count on the support of his loved ones, and in particular his companion.

Since 2016, Camille Combal has been dating journalist Marie Treille Stefani, who notably officiates in Bel et bien, Agathe Lecaron’s program broadcast on France 2. Discreet about his companion, the one who parodies PAF programs on TF1 makes brief confidences about her. “She is a journalist and does TV but we don’t want to dwell on our private life. She doesn’t want to be reduced to ‘the wife of’, I think…”, he had indicated in TV Magazine in January 2022.

In a video posted on Michou’s YouTube channel, a former Dancing with the Stars finalist, his guest Camille Combal was more talkative by revealing that he met his darling on the set of an advertisement for the AX brand. “I’m flashing crazy, it’s rarely happened to me. Instant love at first sight. At the end of the shoot, I ask her for her phone number. She says to me: ‘No I’m sorry, I’m with someone, me , I don’t want’. So, I give my number to me, if she wants to call me”, told the TV and radio host, who admits “having struggled” before winning the heart of the one who became her woman in 2019.

From his marriage to his wife, host Camille Combal became a father for the first time with the birth of their son Pio born in 2022. His child, who shares the same name as the famous French actor, was almost called otherwise. “Until the last moment, for me it must have been Vadim, and the problem is that it’s the diminutive of Vladimir, and I don’t know if you’re aware, it’s not really the atmosphere in this moment…”, confided the host, referring to the President of Russia, with the videographer Ben Névert in his show on his YouTube channel.

Since the arrival of his little boy, the young quadra is completely changed by his role as a father. “It’s crazy, it’s great, I’m all the way,” he exclaimed in the Parisian podcast published this month. “Each passing day is a little more fun, I find”. An animator, husband and father more fulfilled than ever, who never takes himself seriously on the web!