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The Consejo Superior de Deportes (CSD) has issued Wednesday a statement in which, after ensuring that “the return of the competitions in Spain has meant a success of the sport safe,” and making special mention of the world of football “thanks to the collaboration between the health authorities, the CSD, LaLiga and the RFEF, and to the enormous commitment shown by the clubs, the players and the fans”, criticized the League and Fuenlabrada for what happened last Monday.

After wishing a speedy recovery to the infected, you can read that, after receiving this morning the report requested to the League, “both the club and The League met the first a positive Saturday 18 July at 22h30 “. It is for this reason that, according to the CSD, “at that time you should have established a ‘communication with the health authority'”, as stated in the ‘Plan of early response in a scenario of control of the pandemic by Covid-19’, of the Ministry of Health (July 13)”. Something that didn’t happen.

“in Addition, and this is more serious, the club and The League met on Sunday to 22: 30 that there were three positive more. It is considered that there is an outbreak when there are three transmissions, and those hours had already four. In the above-mentioned plan consists that in case of an outbreak should be immediately communicated to the health authorities, but the ministry of Health of the Madrid Community was not informed, according to consists in the report of The League”, says the text.

In the following paragraph, the CSD recalls that the protocol establishes controls PCR to the entire training group, body or technical staff with which he would have been able to have contact with a positive, taking these that remain apart until the results are known. “ From our point of view, committed a serious error in undertaking the journey: that did the test on the Monday morning they should have been isolated, to get to know the result (what happened when they were already in A Coruña)”. Therefore, the CSD considers that the Fuenlabrada should not viajr Monday. “The responsible to correctly apply the protocols is the club and is responsible to ensure this is done is The League”, says about it.

To finish, the CSD considered “right” the decision of the suspension of the match between Deportivo and Fuenlabrada, although it insists in the errors committed when applying the protocol: “however, the facts known after indicate that also from the same Sunday night would have had to report the outbreak to the CSD and RFEF. There was also no due diligence to inform the sports authorities and the CSD did not know what was happening until well into the afternoon of Monday”.

on the other hand, the Royal Spanish Football Federation (RFEF) announced on Wednesday that the Competition Committee has initiated a disciplinary record extraordinary Fuenlabrada “ after receiving several complaints from different clubs of the Second Division, to the situation created prior to the match scheduled between this computer and the Real-Deportivo de La Coruña SAD”.

League responds

Before the release of the CSD, the governing body of football in Spanish has not hesitated to respond with a press release in which it criticized the attitude of the entity chaired by Irene Lozano:

From the moment of the suspension of the competition, in LaLiga were put in place all the necessary mechanisms to promote the return of professional football. From that first moment, he did participate in the Superior Council of Sports of all the steps that were taking, and he shared all of the protocols previously for their review, clarification or contributions; does not receive any.

Is more, the protocol of the Superior Council of Sports is so similar to the one submitted by LaLiga, that we feel relieved to understand that the work we were doing was useful for recovery of our country in a particularly delicate moment, the worst without a doubt in recent history.

resumed the contest and, in its entirety, has passed in an optimal way, with the application of the protocols and of all the items included in them; in this way we have performed more than 40,000 tests have been organized more than 400 trips insurance and have played more than 200 matches.

last Sunday ended LaLiga Santander and from a multitude of areas, including the Superior Council of Sports, welcomed the work carried out, and have managed to finish the competition in a safe manner and exemplary. is Saturday, 18 were carried out the latest tests corresponding to the last day of LaLiga SmartBank, which would dispute the Monday 20. In these tests there was a positive in a player’s CF Fuenlabrada.

implement the protocol back to the competition – approved by the Superior Council of Sports – was isolated immediately to a positive player, we proceeded to the cleaning of all the club’s dressing room and performed a new test to all members of the CF Fuenlabrada .

it Is surprising, that in the statement issued by the CSD to accuse us of not being diligent when it comes to communicating the positive, when the Royal Decree-law 21/2020, of 9 of June, of urgent measures of prevention, containment and coordination to address the health crisis caused by the COVID-19 lays down in its article 25 that are the laboratories that perform the tests those who must submit this information; this, in addition, is included in the Procedure of handling cases and contact work by COVID-19 for the services of prevention of labour risks in the Community of Madrid, which are currently in force, which should be public knowledge.

they Persist in their error when they make reference to the outbreaks: who determines what is an outbreak, it is not LaLiga, or the Superior Council of Sports, is the Autonomous Community that once your information is received by the laboratory, initiated a study with its services for the epidemiological surveillance and determines if there are links or not between the persons concerned. is In the statement, the CSD is perceived a failure of concept is written in its own proprietary protocol and which resides in the difference between isolate and set aside. According to this protocol in case of a positive is isolated to the affected, and the rest of the expedition deviates from said affected up to the obtaining of the results of your medical tests, as well as it did. Is applied, at all times, a principle of prudence (as in any competition).

We started the trip with the team members who were negative in two PCR and a rapid test. They traveled in two buses, with all the measures of social distance, with a special filter in the terminal, on a charter flight exclusively for them, coming finally to the hotel, where your accommodations are located in plants that are unique to them, with the prohibition of leaving the hotel and use of common areas . How can there be any doubt about if the team was enough from the positive and that the measures taken in safeguarding the rest of the citizens? Do you take these same measures and precautions with all the people who come to our country and our cities?

At the same time that we had confirmation of the existence of positive results in the last PCR done and, with the understanding that you could not play the game RC Deportivo – CF Fuenlabrada , was communicated to all the competent bodies in this circumstance, with complete loyalty and transparency; therefore, the accusation of lack of diligence is as a little unfair and unjust since the same time in which were recorded the results were reported. The decision on the development of the day, it was at all times consensual, agreed upon and agreed by the three parties: CSD, RFEF and LaLiga, taking into account the general interest; he was able to make this decision because in the preparation of the calendar provided for the possibility of a fact like this, leaving free dates for the recovery of the parties.

At all times, the sole interest of our institution has been that the competition ended in a way to be whole and safe and that our country, could use our competition as a showcase to recover part of the lost image.We believe that with releases like the one released today by the President of the Superior Council of Sports only manages to create doubt, sow confusion, and to give an image of lack of control and lack of rigor .

Our institution, is made available to all stakeholders to clarify the possible doubts that may arise.