On December 8, 2022, M6 will broadcast an exceptional documentary on Johnny Hallyday, directed by William Karel. Unpublished images and videos will also be unveiled with the testimony of his widow Laeticia Hallyday. Jade and Joy’s mother returned “with modesty” to her relationship with the rocker, as she confided in an interview with Sud Info on December 1, 2022.

“The Johnny that the public knows is not the man I lived with. And yet, Johnny was someone who shared a lot. He never hid anything. What is beautiful in this documentary , it is that it is almost universal”, she had declared to our colleagues and to add: “I think that each family will find their way there since being a father, a husband, living with suffering and great moments happiness, we talk about it and it’s part of people’s lives”.

A few years after the death of the owner, Laeticia Hallyday found love twice. A first time with a restorer named Pascal Balland then with the director Jalil Lespert, with whom she spends peaceful days by her side. “I’m lucky to have met someone like Jalil, who sometimes agrees to live in threes in this couple and who also understands this need for me to let time do its work in this mourning,” he said. she said in the rest of the interview.

Widowed since 2017, the ex-mother-in-law of David and Laura Smet still continues to wear her wedding ring, because she did not divorce her husband but “it’s life” that “separated” them.

“When you lose your husband, you don’t get divorced. Me, I didn’t divorce Johnny, it was life that separated us. I still wear my wedding ring, I have trouble taking it off and when you meet someone, obviously, you have the impression of betraying the being you loved for almost 25 years (…) It’s really difficult not to be guilty at the beginning”, a- she declared.