at Tuesday’s start of the fair: up to the 11th of november in Antwerp Expo is on the hunt for books, a signature or a selfie with your favorite author. However, when you go to games? And what are the days to stay away from you, the better, as you don’t add too much hustle and bustle like?

If you don’t like buzz:

“Friday 1 and Monday 11 november, is traditionally the peak day in terms of number of visitors,” says head of communications, Jens De Wit. “On Wednesday the 30th and Thursday the 31st of October, it is, in all likelihood, the pressure due to the leerkrachtendagen and the first of the evening when the visitors to the 22 o’clock to welcome you in Antwerp Expo. Finally, on november 10th, a large crowd was expected, because Sunday is a popular day with lots of visitors”.

if you Want the hustle and bustle to avoid it? “Select a Wednesday, november 6th . On that day, that day will be less and less people expect it. All of you know, it is, of course, nothing is certain,” says De Wit.

If you like cooking

The majority of signatures from culinary celebrities, and collect your november 1st : the queen of the healthy kitchen, Pascale Naessens, Sandra Bekkari to come along, just like groentechef Seppe Nobels and the Australian tv sensation, Donna Hay.

Fans of the ‘Real Costs’ can be at the new on Sunday 10 and Monday, november 11th , Jeroen Meus meeting also will be Naessens, and Bekkari to be present for signature to be given.

for the Barbecue lovers, polka dots, best Thursday, October 31, on their calendar. On that day, grillmasters Seppe Nobels and Peter Declerck in their recipes for one of the auteurspodia.

As it is

1, 2, and 10 november , to take quite a bit of jeugdauteurs place at one of the signeerstand: Bart Moeyaert is on, like Marc de Bel, Mark Tijsmans.

Fans of the K3-girls-to-be can get an autograph with their heroes on a Wednesday, October 30, . Too much fun for the little kids and their parents, the actions of the Captain Winokio on Friday, October 31, .

The Jommekesrad every day: “everyone is free to run, and win a prize. Jommeke will be on Sunday 3rd and Sunday 10th november to go to the fair, as She.

If you like to have books to read

november 1st , it is a great day for fans of the exciting book, with a visit of Pieter Aspe, Toni Coppers, Anja Feliers, and Patrick De Bruyn, and Tess Gerritsen. That will be the last to be interviewed on one of the auteurspodia.

all saints ‘ day seems the perfect day out for the fans of thrillers, unless you have any more of the books from Nicci French does. Nicci Gerard, who, along with her husband, Sean French, the writers duo Nicci French forms, on Saturday, november 2nd to its appearance.

If you like the tv faces will spot

now that we have such an abundance of books, the Book is also ideal for a well-known Flemish people to be trifled with. Two dates stand out if that is your goal. On October 31, parts, Tatyana Beloy, Cat Kerhofs, Jaak Van Assche, Loes Van Den Heuvel and Stephanie Coorevits come from. On nov 2 , you will have the opportunity to be that same Tatyana Beloy is to watch, but Goedele Liekens, Josje Huisman, Dalilla Herman, Leen Dendievel, Ish Ait Hamou and Rani Deconinck.

in Practical terms, The book Fair runs from the 29th October until the 11th of november in Antwerp Expo. On the 4th and 5th of november the book Fair will be closed. A standaardticket the cost is € 10. More information can be found on the