now that Our crown princess Elizabeth on the 25th of October, 18 years of age. It was celebrated with a big party, where there are also social and want to become an ineffectual Michael “The perfect world”, it was there. In fact, he ran the entire event as master of ceremonies.

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Princess Elisabeth, speecht, on her eighteenth birthday: “I am aware that I have a lot of learning to do. In the country, you can count on me”

the King Philip, go to the personal row during the speech, the birthday of Elisabeth, “Your mother and I are so happy that you are our daughter, you”

More about that by any chance? Q3 is about the remarkable gifts from fans: “Earrings, drawings, and so on and food” Michelle Obama is already laughing to her brother; “You have, it is difficult for me and the first lady, to call it that, isn’t it?” Agent-mobile phone-t driver, but it complains that it is already fast, and James Cooke, see you in the sports room of The House: “This is a serious failure”