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Pitino on Saturday said he needs”no portion of this so-called major time ,” since the Gaels’ season finished with a 68-55 loss to No. 2 seed Alabama in the first round of this championship in Hinkle Fieldhouse.

Iona, a No. 15 seed in the East Region, overcame an extended pause to acquire the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference championship under Pitino, who’s made 22 NCAA championship appearances with five distinct programs.

He returned to school basketball this year after training in the EuroLeague for Greek club Panathinaikos.

Pitino appeared to mention his death Saturday, stating,”I am not turned off with the huge apps, I am turned away about what happened to me personally ”

“It is no more about me attempting to move any ladders up, earn more money,” he added. “I am at a excellent place in my entire life. I will trainer six, seven years, God willing, only attempt to make young guys better, attempt to create the app reach heights it has never attained. That is all I’ve planned. It is a wonderful spot to be. The excellent thing about it’s being Iona, having the ability to instruct with nobody bothering you, simply make the players better.”

“I wish to have a smaller college, such as a Providence, such as an Iona, a small faculty and attempt to make it big,” said Pitino, who left his first Final Four as Providence’s trainer in 1987. “However, I wanted no part of some of the other, I had enough of this. It turned me off, to be very honest with you, at a great deal of different locations. I don’t need to look over my shoulder and find out who I will trust, who I am not likely to trust.

“I am in heaven right now, and at which I want to be.”

Pitino is excited about building more achievement at Iona, saying the team could be”better” in his next season. He noticed a number of young players and a better schedule he believes may create the Gaels a rival for an at-large NCAA tournament berth in future decades. Pitino recorded potential home games against Seton Hall and BYU in Madison Square Garden, also contested his sonRichard, the new coach at New Mexico, to confront”the mighty Gaels” following year.

“We just must enhance the app, take another step,” he explained. “We’ll take another step. There is little doubt in my head that Iona will be a power to be reckoned with down the street.”