There are the younger days, a remarkable amount of complaints to the Ombudsman service for Telecommunications is on, calls from all sorts of exotic places. It’s a fraud, warns ombudsman Luc Tuerlinckx. You definitely will not be back.”

The calls come from exotic places like Ascension island, Papua New Guinea (png) and Samoa. “They’re often just a one-time pattern,” says Tuerlinckx. “And then, hoping to get that call back. They will then go to the most expensive numbers, thus the call is soon, tens of euros you can get.”

in Particular, the calls from Ascension island to be repaired, because the country code is 247 and it is now at +2 as well as heads of Vlaams-Brabant and Brussels. “We strongly advise people to not pay for in a foreign country, or numbers that are not in their own country,” said Tuerlinckx. “But the crooks to purchase songs that are similar to familiar songs. If they can, people will still be fooled.”

in The past two weeks, there were several complaints and reports of victims, and concerned people. “And most likely we will get a lot more complaints when the bills arrive, when the people who have contacted you.” If you take that invoice, and a bit strange to notice, it is best to check with your service provider. “And if that doesn’t work, you can get the office of the Ombudsman for Telecommunications is always a turn on.”

what is Striking is that the overwhelming majority of the victims, customers of Telenet, and a Base. “It is indeed. But reports are the numbers of scammers are blocked, and some of the operators are doing is that, perhaps more quickly than anyone else.”

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