Stekene –

– The police on Wednesday in a professional cannabisplantage rolled into the Street. In a small terraced house, a achthonderdtal wietstruiken be found. The plants have been destroyed, and that the installation will be aborted.

The officers and the civilian protection, that is Wednesday morning and afternoon, as well as work in the home, in the Street with a house number 68, received a lot of attention. Especially when it turned out that, in a narrow town house on the second floor, right in the centre of the village is one of the cannabisplantage hiding was over. Spread out on the floors of the house were a total of eight hundred and wietplanten be found. The drugslabo proved to be professionally styled to be. “I’ve never seen anything suspicious, noticed in the house, the police today searched,” said to be one of the next-door neighbors. “That is such a farm in the middle of the village was fitted up as a witness, in any case, a lot of guts.”

How will the world be exactly the light came from, it is still not clear. Or in the presence of people have been found and arrests have been carried out, it is not known. The kweekinstallatie were Wednesday afternoon demolished, and the wagon carried off by the civil defence. He came with three cars and a mobile container for on-the-ground operations to be carried out.

cannabis plantations have been due to the close proximity of the border, as is commonplace in this region. They are often set up by organizations within the state. The previous month is rolled over to the local police in the town of Temse-Kruibeke is also a cannabisplantage in. It was then tucked away in a terraced house in Antwerp, Factories in Tielrode. With that catch, there were a hundreds of cannabis plants found there. Also, the police force of Sint-Niklaas, this year, have a green thumb. That was the case back in June, when, on the first floor of a detached house in the Portugezenstraat in the district of nieuwkerken, belgium-the Waas is a drugslabo of five hundred cannabis plants were found.