now, Nearly half of all Belgians can work from a distance, but only one out of every five of them do it. Why? The employer will allow it, just doesn’t allow it. “However, it will help to telework at files, and it will be good for productivity, as well as for the reconciliation of work and private life”, according to the organizers of the National Telewerkdag.

Curious to know if it will be on the road today, the National Telewerkdag. The day is designed to get employers and employees to encourage different work. Because there is a lot of groeimarge, according to the organizers. 45% of Belgians say they have a job that is eligible to telework, but only 22% do so occasionally. According to a new survey of the Vias, and the federal public service for Mobility.

Why are all these people still go every day to the office, go for it? Because of the need of the employers. About half the state does not allow telework, ” says hr service provider SD Worx. With the big companies and 58 percent of remote or home-working increases, in the case of smes, this is even lower. “Of the small and medium enterprises that have the permit, limited to one-fifth of the way up to very exceptional situations”, what it sounds like.

Because the control people want to control the game? “There are some employers who say that they have a feeling of control, but it is silent when I ask them how much control they actually have on the people who are in the office at the back of their screen,” says Kris is The Master of the FEB. “Sometimes I think the employees would make telework possible. Employers will also take a look at the problem. In the absence of physical co-operation is not always a good thing.”

Almost everyone.

at The FEB recommends that workers and employers, to engage in a dialogue about the home. “Every employer’s best interest to highly motivated employees,” says The Lord. “And so they are getting rid of each and every element of their motivation to get in the way.”

Winkelbedienden, nurses, or fire fighters may be placed on the effort to save; for them, it is of course impossible to get from home to work. Nevertheless, also, they benefit from the system, ” says Stef Wilson of the Vias. “The majority of working at home comes with the car, and you live pretty far from work. People who do not want to telework, benefits and so on as others do. As such, they lose less time in traffic.”
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