Committing to a professional retraining is not an easy decision to make. Indeed, it is now very complicated to be able to estimate which professions will really recruit in the future. However, it is information that seems to be essential to know when one wishes to engage in training.

Fortunately, studies are now produced to be able to estimate which areas should be targeted when undertaking a retraining.

Dares and France Strategy produced one which was presented on Thursday March 10, 2022. It focuses on the evolution of the different sectors of activity and answers questions that many people considering a professional retraining may ask themselves.

This study thus presents the trades which could be affected by shortages of recruitment but also the sectors which will be the most providers of jobs in the years to come, reports Capital.

Dares and France Strategy have produced a report which can thus let out some glimmers of hope for the years to come. They reveal that we should have about one million net jobs created between 2019 and 2030. According to them, this could allow a “gradual decline in structural unemployment” note our colleagues.

The study also presents an estimate of the professions that will see the greatest expansion between 2019 and 2030. To calculate this, Dares and France Strategy took into account many factors in order to make the results as precise and realistic as possible. Find out which jobs will hire the most in the next decade.