There You Go. The school year has begun. And that makes us think of… at school. If we can get the family out of this? When the fall of the long weekends and when we have the grandparents and books as well as a nanny?

The first school holiday of eight weeks, the Term from Monday 28 October to Sunday 3 november. During that week it is also all saints ‘ day on november 1st. This year is a Friday. So, to everyone, first and foremost, a , the long weekend .

the Armistice , on the 11th of november, and this year is on a Monday. Again, some good news for once again using an in the long weekend , without the extra holiday for the record.

This year the christmas from Monday 23 december until Sunday 5 January. Christmas day, boxing day and new year’s falling on a Wednesday.

Seven weeks after the christmas holidays, to begin with, as the spring mid-term break : on the 24th of February and 1st of march.

The easter is the school year from 6 to 19 april. By the middle of Monday after easter, on april 13. Also, as a fun, , the long weekend .

1 may generate a , the long weekend for the Labour that falls on a Friday.

Ascension day: , in each case, on a Thursday, this year on the 21st of may. A vacation for you and your students, but you will also be the start of a long weekend if you are there on Friday bijneemt/receive.

whitsun Monday , June 1, and will also create a , the long weekend .

The holiday , running from Wednesday 1 July to Monday 31 August 2020. So, the next year of school starts in a week.