Giovanni Visconti (Neri-Sottoli-Selle Italia-kuala lumpur), the Memorial to Alfredo Martini (Ita/1.1) and his name is brought up. The Italian took the following 204,4 km Ponterada for a tour winner Egan Bernal (Ineos), and Nikolay Cherkasov (Gazprom-Rusvelo).

Zhandos Bizhigitov, Edoardo Zardini, Simon Pellaud, Alexis Guerin and Filipo Zana became the game with an early flight up to 5:45 and the bonus collected. The Team may maintain an action, by Bernal at the same time, the game checked out, and 30 miles from the end of the saw, the five of us have already come to an end of his story.

Bernal himself was once again showing in Italy, where he was the first to have a contract with a team, and later went to is after the transfer of its competitors in the counter-attack on his team-mate, Diego Rosa and the Monte Serra. Only Nikolay Cherkasov was able to follow it, but on the way down were also Pierpaolo Ficara and Giovanni Visconti crossed. In their lead was a minute. The fragmented peloton, the chase, not the right way.

The winner is revealed at the front to be seated. It was Ficara, who, when first accelerating, and just before the final kilometer, on a stretch of false flat, but he was caught by Cherkasov. Bernal started his sprint from very far out, but the higher Location, gaining, and picked up the victory. The 36-year-old Italian restaurant will follow in the hall of fame, Gianni Moscon, it was his third win of the season after a stage win in the Tour of Austria, Tour of Austria.

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