In order to create a competitive offer that appeals to users, you must first research the market, the strengths and weaknesses of the main competitors. Find competitors who have gathered your target audience (TA). Do an analysis: how many subscribers they have, what material is popular with subscribers, how often they publish posts (this allows you to find out how often your target audience expects new posts and posts), how competitors communicate with your target audience, what campaign tools they use. 

Many influcers take Followers Gallery as an Instagram followers mod apk as it provides real and organic Instagram followers. Does it really is?

I’ve experienced this Followers Gallery, and learnt that it is developed by a technical team to help Instagram users quickly maximize their likes and followers of Ins. The utilization is simple, all you need to start to do to start using Followers Gallery is to download the app on an iOS or Android device and sign up for an account. You will be able to enter your Instagram usernames until you log in. For up to 5 accounts, there are slots. Then you can go to the ‘Get Followers’ page and begin your growth on Instagram using the free coins you got. For a start, a “Daily Plan” is what we would suggest. This enables you to have the most organic pattern of development, rather than adding a bunch of followers accompanied by deflation at once. There’s also an option to get likes on a particular post, which is perfect if you want to support a particular post you’re particularly excited about. Under my research, this Instagram auto liker without login do bring real and free Ins followers. 

If you want some traditional ways to develop your Instagram slowly, here are other suggestions:

We think about content strategy

Publications must be consistent. Don’t leave your account for even one day, constantly post interesting material. You need to create and stick to a release schedule. Determine what time you send each day (it is best to first analyze the activity of your subscribers, when they are most active, as shown in the picture) and stick to the selected time.

For example, you can send messages about interesting facts about family cafes and cooking usually 3-4 times a day. Work constantly to prepare the material, look for relevant and fresh ideas, never repeat yourself. Note that this is a great way to build Instagram followers for free. But if you already have a large audience, you need to reduce messages 1-2 times a day.

We are in touch with the public

From time to time, you need to send messages whose main function is to attract users, increase their activity. For example, you can send questions, make inquiries, ask an opinion about your product/ service. Here it is important to keep in mind that you need to respond to the remaining comments. Thank the subscriber with you. If a negative comment is left, try to figure out what you don’t like, how you can fix it.

We motivate subscribers to take useful action

Ask subscribers to tag their friends below a picture so you can reach more audiences and pass on information to more consumers. You can cover your request: “Mark the one you want to try new ice cream with”, “Mark the one you would like to spend tonight with us”, “Mark the spaghetti lover” and so on. This is a great way to advertise and gain free Instagram followers. For example, the post you saw collected 1626 comments with friends.

You also need to motivate users to leave likes. To do this, you can write messages and questions and leave entries in the style “Press 2 times if you agree”. This is a fairly simple way to get a lot of likes in a relatively short amount of time. The wordless principle of the universe works here: ask for more, get more.

Another effective way to increase the number of useful subscriber activities is to organize competitions. You should not hold competitions when the number of your subscribers does not exceed 500-700 people, there will be no special result. But once an impressive audience of followers has already been formed, you can use them to raise awareness among other users. You can use your own products and services as a reward or find a sponsor. In return, you will receive new subscriptions, likes and comments.

Good results and feedback from the audience can be achieved by using emotional images. Poisoning messages to your subscribers and do not cause nostalgia, sadness, joy, pride, hope and so on in their hearts.