An emblematic face of the PAF. From journalist to TV host, Denis Brogniart has become in a few years a popular personality with viewers. Passionate about journalism and sport, the Dijonnais combined his two passions to start his career after graduating from the Practical Institute of Journalism in Paris.

In the 1990s, Denis Brogniart made his debut on radio (Radio France Normandie, Europe 1) and switched to television (Eurosport). It was at the end of the decade that the sports journalist joined the sports department of TF1 in 1999. Between reports and coverage of sporting events, the young journalist was at the heart of information for three years before flying away for a new and famous adventure.

In 2001, the first season of Koh-Lanta hosted by Hubert Auriol was broadcast on TF1. A new program in which Denis Brogniart shines as a voice-over to tell the life of shipwrecked people in the adventure: between survival, sporting events, strategy and community life. Then the following season, he succeeded the late presenter, who died in 2020, and finally revealed his face to millions of viewers.

After twenty animated seasons on TF1, Denis Brogniart would soon be in the hot seat. The day after the Koh-Lanta final, The Sacred Fire, won by Frédéricface Tania, we learned that the first channel would consider replacing the host. It was Guillaume Genton who revealed this information in his program Morning without filter on Europe 2.

According to the host and columnist of TPMP, Isabelle Ithurburu, new recruit of TF1 who will present 50 min Inside at the start of the school year, would be approached to succeed him. “TF1 would like Isabelle Ithurburu to present Koh-Lanta instead of Denis Brogniart. I say that, I say nothing”, he dropped on the air in front of the startled reactions of his columnists. “We do not touch Denis Brogniart”, defended Fabien Delettres while Diane Leyre, Miss France 2022, “does not believe” in this revelation.

Not a little proud of this exclusive scoop, the host and producer ensures that the sports journalist should present the adventure game in the coming seasons. According to his assertions, “TF1 wants more women on the air”. Sufficient motivation to oust the historic animator of the TF1 game? If fans seem divided by this announcement on social networks, Isabelle Ithurburu and Denis Brogniart have not commented on the information in public. While the next season is being produced, the famous journalist has recently been at the heart of a lively controversy…

Historical personality of the adventure game, Denis Brogniart does not forget the sport for all that. From 2004 to 2012, the host was at the helm of F1 à la Une, a show devoted to Formula 1 news. We also owe him the presentation of Automoto magazine (2012-2020) and also Le Mag, which he hosts during the many sports competitions (football, rugby, handball, etc.). And, since 2016, he accompanies the valiant competitors on the course of Ninja Warrior in the company of Christophe Beaugrand and Sandrine Quétier, replaced by Iris Mittenaere in season 3, on TF1.

Between the broadcast of season 7 of the course game, and the next edition of Koh-Lanta, The Sacred Fire to come on TF1, Denis Brogniart seems to be at the height of his notoriety. It was without counting on a survey published last week in Here, in which the magazine revealed the true face of the host. Behind the scenes, the personality of the fifties would seem disturbed among the people who rubbed shoulders with him. “Everyone knows that Denis Brogniart is capable of humiliating anger, especially towards women”, according to the words of a union official in the review.

According to the revelations of the magazine, several hosts would have accused the presenter of having behaved inappropriately towards them. Among them, the journalist Charlotte Namura, who worked on Le Mag de la Coupe du monde in 2018. shit, only good enough to smile”. Just like Marion Jollès-Grosjean, former colleague in Automoto who tells our colleagues that her work with Denis Brogniart would be “the worst memory of her career”. Or Anne-Laure Bonnet, ex-face of F1 on the front page in 2008. “Humanly, it’s very difficult. He can’t stand co-presentation and throws mad rages with his subordinates. the weak person with the powerful and powerful with the weak”, according to his comments relayed to the tabloid.

In a response to Here, published on January 27, Denis Brogniart returned to the accusations before apologizing. “I am very committed, a perfectionist and on the occasion of two live broadcasts on TF1, where the pressure is very intense, I had words that went beyond my thoughts, remarks that offended some people and I regret it. Nothing does not justify my behavior, which followed certain difficulties. These isolated facts do not take into account the privileged relations based on respect and benevolence that I maintain with the technical and editorial teams of the programs in which I have participated for 30 years. to apologize to those I may have hurt,” reacted the host who shares the life of a former journalist.

Discreet about his personal life, Denis Brogniart has lived for twenty years with his wife Hortense. A story that began when they met in the corridors of LCI. While the host of Koh-Lanta was soon to start filming for the third season, he would have made an astonishing proposal to the journalist and editor of the channel at the time.

“I told him ‘Either you stay in the LCI studios or you come with me to Panama.’ She preferred to come to Panama”, he said in the program Salut les Terrans, in March 2017 on C8. “We released the pressure a little over the last few days, but it’s true that we hid ourselves”, he evoked by revealing. “It was not easy because you had to be tricky not to be unmasked”.

From their secret idyll, the couple returns to France and begins their relationship. A few years later, the companion of Denis Brogniart stopped his career as a journalist to begin an amazing conversion. “Seven years ago, she took up taxidermy,” Paris Match reported in summer 2019, quoted by Gala. And, to add further. “Nothing surprising for this lover of nature and animals”. Happier than ever with his wife, Denis Brogniart founded their family with her.

Father of a son named Dimitri, born from a previous union in 2000, Denis Brogniart has expanded his family with his partner Hortense. They welcome their twins Lili and Violette in 2005, then the youngest Blanche in 2006. The couple will seal their love with marriage the following year.

Presenter, husband and father, Denis Brogniart combines hats and juggles between his personal life and his career. On a few occasions, the host does not hesitate to reveal his rare family memories. As for the birthday of his twins, January 22, 2023. “My princesses Violette and Lili are 18 today! Two little wonders! You have hardly changed!”, He wrote in the caption of his post on his Instagram page.