Sifu, a martial arts roguelike with impressive trailers and well-capped action, is one of the most popular wildcard games in this busy month. It was released before the Horizon Forbidden West/Elden Ring showdown. However, it has run into problems at the early access launch.

Sifu is not available for download on the PlayStation Store at this time. Sifu has made a comment regarding how they are working to resolve it.
Sifu is only for PlayStation consoles and not Xbox. However, it’s also available on PC. The original plan was to allow 48 hours of early access, before the official launch on February 8. However, these issues have prevented that from happening.

Today marks the end of the review embargo, which was lifted due to early access. The game received a respectable score of 81 on Metacritic. There are many debates about the game’s difficulty, steep learning curve, and that it is a lot more detailed than what some players might have expected.

These are just a few of the reviews that have been submitted.

GamePur (7/10). – “Sifu” is a challenging, but rewarding action game with a big punch. Although it can sometimes be a bit too difficult for its own good, taking the time to overcome these challenges can be quite rewarding. The game is rife with exoticism which can put a damper on the experience.

IGN (9/10). – “Sifu has a brutal learning curve and unique structure which requires you to defeat it in one lifetime. But on the other side, it is one of the most exciting modern action games.”

GameSpot (9/10). – “Sifu’s unique aging mechanism and top-tier combat make it an utterly thrilling journey from a headstrong student into a wise kung Fu master.”
For updates on the ongoing problems with early access, follow Sifu Twitter or return to this post. I will make any necessary changes once they are fixed. Although it is a shame that early access is being held up by technical issues, I hope this will resolve soon so everyone can enjoy the roguelike.