Internet is the necessity of the time. In this digital world, everything is linked to the internet. From the knowledge it has, to the entertainment you get, the internet offers you a platform where you can literally get anything. It has all the information that you are going to need. People are getting married on skype and those who are living outside of their houses get connected to their family through the internet. The Internet is the most important thing these days and it plays a vital role in your life. There are different ways through which you can get internet service. But what matters the most is the security precautions that we should take while getting internet service. We are going to talk about different connections and we are going to see either it is safe to do surfing on 4G or we should go for the Wi-Fi service. We need to check which one is safer because internet security is very important these days.

Wi-Fi Service 

Some providers offer internet service through cable, some use fiber technology, some use DSL, and then some providers are providing internet services through a satellite dish. All these are wired networks. You can get a router if you are looking to get the Wi-Fi service, but to get internet access, you are going to need a wired connection and a modem. There are two types of Wi-Fi networks.

  • Private Wi-Fi
  • Public Wi-Fi

Private Wi-Fi 

Private Wi-Fi service is provided directly to the customers by internet service providers. People use private Wi-Fi service at their houses or offices. These networks are usually safer than public networks. But still, millions of private users become the victim of cyber-crimes and hacking every year. You need to get internet security along with internet services, like Charter Spectrum provides private internet services with the security suite at no additional cost. With the private Wi-Fi network, you get high-speed internet service and your data is secured if you have internet security along with the services. You can get Wi-Fi service through the router which you either get from the company or you can use your own as well.

Public Wi-Fi 

A Public Wi-Fi network is like a pubic hotspot that is not protected by any password. Anyone can access public Wi-Fi. Usually, the public Wi-Fi service is available at different public spots like restaurants, malls, stations, and colleges. Public Wi-Fi is not safe at all. Any hacker or cybercriminals can easily access your personal information once you connect your device to the public Wi-Fi. The data is not encrypted so it is easy for anyone to access your device data and your sensitive information. Some people use a VPN to secure their network, but still, it is not recommended to use Public Wi-Fi.

4G network 

Some providers provide both wired and wireless connections. A wireless network consists of mobile broadband service, which is known as 4G or LTE service. All of us are aware of this 4G technology and how it has modified the way of communication. No matter where you are, with this 4G technology, you would be able to watch movies online, you can do your work and you can even play games online. The 4G network enables your devices to get access to the internet by using cellular data. The signals come to you the same way you get a call or an SMS text. With this 4G technology, you can get internet services anywhere in the world through cellular data, if 4G technology is available in that area, and if your carrier is providing services there.

4G network VS Wi-Fi network 

You cannot make any network 100% safe by any means. If we talk about the 4G network, all the activities you do on the internet with 4G technology is encrypted. It won’t be easy for the hacker to get into your device and gather your personal information and your sensitive data. With the private Wi-Fi connection, the chances of getting your device hacked are also less, if you are getting internet security with the services. Your data would be encrypted and your device will be secured. With the public Wi-Fi, the chances of getting your device hacked are very high. With the private Wi-Fi service, you can get a high speed of the internet and multiple devices can be connected through this service. With 4G, it would be just your device or you can share your hotspot as well but that will affect the speed. If you are surfing on 4G, the chances of getting your device hacked are less.

Final Verdict 

As mentioned earlier, you cannot be 100% sure that even if you use any kind of internet security, your devices will be secured but you can take precautions to minimize the threats and the dangers. While using a private Wi-Fi network, get a security suite along with the services, and enjoy surfing and connect as many devices as you want to. Try to use 4G when you are out of your house and if by any chance, you are using the public hotspot, make sure you use a VPN. That will encrypt your data and the chances of getting your device hacked will be less. Again, it would be better if you use 4G if you are at any public place. The 4G network is safer than the Wi-Fi network.