Fort Boyard: Disappointed with the team’s performance, Olivier Mine tackles the participants!


This Saturday, August 20, France 2 broadcast the eighth new episode of Fort Boyard. This show has established itself as one of the key events of the summer. Since its arrival on France 2 in 1990, the success of Fort Boyard has continued to grow, becoming one of the essential games of the channel. The goal always remains the same: to raise as many Boyars as possible for the benefit of a charity association.

The personalities of the week have agreed to surpass themselves for the association laVita, a device that has provided psychological support to minors, adolescents and young adults aged 13 to 25, since 2017. For this eighth episode, a new team of celebrities has enters the famous Fort:

But despite their good will, the new team has had a series of disappointments throughout the adventure, as reported by Program TV. Olivier Minne, presenter of the show since 2003, did not hide his disappointment. “For the moment, the only thing that has been effective since the start of this adventure is the opening credits,” launched the flagship host of France 2.

A remark that triggered a burst of laughter from the buyer of the show Affaire Conclue Caroline Margeridon, but which did not really make the Tahitian and former Miss France Vaimalama Chaves laugh: “You are looking for shots you”, retorted the young woman with a smile on her face. Internet users had fun with this well-placed tackle: “Olivier Minne is at the end of his life with this team. It shows so much”, “Olivier Minne is fed up, he is shooting real ammunition at tonight’s team… “, “Olivier becomes even meaner than Father Fouras with the team”, we could read on Twitter.

Some twittos did not hesitate to let go on the level of celebrities: “Worst team ever. It turns out, it’s the worst in the whole history of the fort”, “I have rarely seen such a bad team c ‘is incredible”, “Voted the least invested team in the history of Fort Boyard”. Mass has been said !

Worst team ever. It happens to be the worst in the history of the fort.

Olivier becomes even meaner than Father Fouras with the team _

Worst team ever. It happens to be the worst in the history of the fort.