Weather: a new heat wave expected next week


France has not finished with heat waves. As the heat wave that crossed France this week fades, warm air present on the Mediterranean should arrive as early as next week. This will gradually move north, reports La Chaîne Météo, and will probably be long-lasting, risking worsening the drought.

The reason for this rise in mercury? “The persistence of high pressures over Western Europe” indicates the site. They block storm disturbances and direct the wind. To the south, the heat intensifies, while to the northeast, temperatures drop.

The current situation is ideal for this mass of warm air to rise. Thus, meteorologists predict a period of high heat from Monday, with its peak on Thursday. This situation should therefore last, depending on the most likely scenario, until next Friday or Saturday.

On the other hand, a more lenient scenario would theoretically allow us to escape it. The cooler ocean air could shorten the passage of this phenomenon. However, this scenario is currently in the minority.

The slideshow below presents the departments where it will be between 35 and 36 degrees during the day according to forecasters from La Chaîne Météo for next week.

However, their estimates are still imprecise. They are subject to change. As for the rest of the country, 53 departments will experience temperatures of up to 34 degrees.

Only Morbihan, Côtes-d’Armor, Finistère, Manche, Calvados, Cantal, Haute-Loire and Alpes-Maritimes will not exceed 31 and 32 degrees.