In America cars now every couple of days, politicians of the Democratic party from the cover. You announce that you want to compete against Donald Trump by the other major party in the country, the Republicans, and him as the President of the United States of America detachment. So many Americans find Trump so terrible that many politicians calculate that quite good chances. What woman or man which promises and plans to the departure at the end for the Democrats, is therefore still not foreseeable. And, if she or he has against Trump a Chance.

Andreas Ross

editor in the policy.

F. A. Z.

Because the election is not until 3. November 2020 instead of, so in almost two years. If Trump swirls, then is going to happen until then. It is also conceivable that a touch of Trumps critics from his own party, a heart, and against the President-in-office to the departure. Everything is open, because there are very many Americans, the Trump find, as before, great. Or fret so much about how Trump from early to late is demonized, they feel personally attacked and to him, therefore, on the rod.

But let’s say that Trump is actually losing, and in January 2021 from the White house has to take off. Could make his successor, or his successor then quickly all is well again, what has changed under the Trump, for the Worse? In part, of the.

laws can be changed quickly, if the President wants to, as well as the majority of the deputies and the senators, so the Parliament. For example, the politician Trumps could take back the large tax reform and decide that the Rich need to give back more money to the state (where many politicians decide to hate higher taxes because that is unpopular).

Fast back to the climate protection

Even easier it would be for the next President, decisions back to adopt, increase, or change, the Trump alone, so-called decrees. Because some things must decide a President alone, without the consent of the Parliament. For example, Trump has made it for most of the people from some countries in the Muslim world is almost impossible to get a permit for travel to America. Could turn out to be another President to immediately undo: signature is sufficient.