A beautiful apartment makes for a long no home. Neither he is the most promising Interior designer the best interior decorators will certainly be a little change. Of course, professionals can do a lot to ensure that we feel in well-planned rooms, comfortable and cozy. And no question, a perfect and attention to Detail in the environment of each eye flatters. Quite wonderful this can be in the living laboratories of our time: the experience of the Design Hotels. Only those who wanted to, appearances apart from the Exception, such as rock legend Udo Lindenberg, in the Hotel to take root? Even if these rooms are still furnished so exquisite, original, or individually – something is missing.

Birgit Ochs

Responsible editor for “Live” of the Frankfurt General Sunday newspaper.

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home is the place where we met again. This is due to the things with which we surround ourselves. Maybe you are one of those contemporaries, those only carefully, according to strict criteria, carefully selected furniture comes into the house. Or to those whose decor is a colorful mix. It may well be that in your own four walls, especially the Motto “the main thing, practically!”. No matter. Because regardless of whether minimalism or Boho style, penchant for nostalgia or fondness for the full wood look, comes down to the personal ingredients in it, and under which is located the majority of people, then usually a particularly the heart – the favorite piece. Just that it goes in our column “My favorite piece”, in the on these pages in two-week cycles known as interesting people to introduce your favorite home accessory.

Like it? In most cases, we talk on the phone with the participants and write a small log. Some can not take it and send a Text you have written yourself. And because you want to see the “favorites” also, they are photographed with the mobile phone camera, by the owners personally.

stories full of wit, self-irony or silent melancholy

easily? It would be nice! Admittedly, sometimes it is fixed and the participants are already speaking shortly after the contact. In the case of the science journalist, Ranga Yogeshwar, the favorite piece of production became almost self-perpetuating. Hardly his participation was agreed, the Text was there. A demand and a friendly “Cheers, Ranga” later and the post was on the page.

But not always runs so smoothly and happy. The colleague who takes care of the appointments, can sing a song about it. The way to actors, designers, TV presenters and sportswomen in many cases, initially pass a strict PR-offices and personal assistants to choose exactly to whom their wards and the boss are talking on the inside.

Rarely a lack of desire is the obstacle, rather full appointment calendar. Lack of time can also lead with the best intentions, everything moves in the length. So the conversation with Director Hans Steinbichler forward had more than two years. The promise was prompt and personally, to work but it never did. Always came something in between. For a while the matter was forgotten – until it was then brought to light so far. At the agreed time, Hans Steinbichler out of the car pending. The connection on the track was sometimes bad, warned the filmmaker, and had already disappeared in the first radio hole. There should be three more to follow. Finally, Steinbichler drove to a rest area and climbed a small hill to bring the story to the end. It is a pretty crazy story, a very personal, and that can be revealed at this point, a, in the it comes to family ties. Many favorite pieces are an expression of connectedness. Often it comes to memories, especially at special meetings, to travel, to be lucky purchases, Nice, but also Embarrassing.