Strong increase of the wounded – Every day there is an accident with a E-TrottiWeil scooter in this country is becoming more and more popular to take the accidents with the two wheels. Now the TCS is the handlebars advice, so that you are safe on the road.The growing popularity of E-Scooters in Switzerland also leads to a sharp increase in accidents. KEYSTONEDie in Switzerland approved E-scooters are bikes the same and are subject to the rules of the Road.KEYSTONEDas Driving on the sidewalks is not allowed. If available, the E-drive scooter handlebars on the cycle lanes or bike trail.KEYSTONE1 / 4

Each day, a Person in an accident with a scooter is injured in Switzerland. The statistics of ASTRA shows that the growing popularity of these vehicles also leads to a sharp increase in accidents. This statement applies in particular to the E-scooters. The TCS are the arms of these two wheels advice so you are safe on the road.

The number of accidents in slow traffic is constantly growing in Switzerland: In the year of 2015, 7’544 accidents were registered, with 16’279 Involved. 2019 there were already 8’355 accidents with 17’298 persons involved, which represents an increase of 10% and 6%, respectively.

Since 2019 E-Scooters have a category of its own in the traffic statistics

in decreased accidents with pedestrians and children on bicycles during the last five years. In contrast, accidents have increased with other means of transport. This is, for example, in the case of the E-scooters, which are popular in Switzerland, increasing in popularity. For this, in particular, in city traffic increasingly more visible vehicles of 2019 was introduced a new category in the road traffic statistics. This indicates that for the last year 99 accidents with 137 injuries.

this number is the also increasing number of accidents to be expected with a traditional kick scooter. Between 2015 and 2019, the number of accidents with scooters from 109 to 149 increased (+31%). The number of people affected rose from 223 to 308 (+32%) and the injured from 249 to 273 (+9%). Overall, the Handlebar of the traditional and the electric scooter in the year 2019 248 accidents had . 410 of 466 of the affected persons were injured.

advice of the TCS

this strong increase of accidents and of the injured to counteract recommends that the TCS of the arms, on private property driving exercises to carry out before you go into the Road. The driver should equip themselves with a helmet, knee elbow and wrist protection, as well as highly visible clothes and accessories to wear. In addition, it is recommended that the liability insurance accident cover with scooters ask. Special caution is stones on wet roads, pavement and in the vicinity of tram tracks on offer. At night, the appropriate lighting is the front and rear duty. Finally, scooter drivers must observe the road traffic rules and the traffic conditions.

The Switzerland-approved E-scooters are bikes the same and are subject to the rules of the Road. Driving on the pavements is not intrinsically allowed. If available, the E-drive scooter handlebars on the cycle lanes or a Bicycle track. Otherwise, the electric scooters are to be used on the right-hand roadway edge. Your speed must not exceed 20 Km/h. In addition, you must have a bell, brakes front and rear, as well as with the correct lighting to be fitted. Finally allowed to drive a electric scooter only one Person.