In the bedroom, in the bathroom and in the kitchen, white vinegar is an essential household ally. If its smell can be somewhat unpleasant, this solution has many properties that are particularly useful in everyday life.

Its effectiveness against many dirt and stains is no longer to be proven, but some people recommend heating the liquid to make it even more powerful. But is this practice safe?

It is quite possible to heat white vinegar, it is even a good idea in some cases. However, some precautions should still be taken. Here’s how to go about it.

There are several schools. To make the first, you must pour white vinegar into a bowl before placing it in the microwave to heat it for several minutes. Then just take the result out of the oven and use it for cleaning.

The other method is to heat the vinegar directly in a saucepan. Fear not, it is completely safe to boil it. On the other hand, it is not recommended to breathe the vapor directly. Indeed, the smell is particularly strong and can thus cause coughing or stinging the eyes.

For these two methods, it is also possible to dilute the white vinegar with 2/3 of water. The result obtained can be used for various household tasks or uses in the house. Discover in our slideshow the list of tips to perform with heated white vinegar.