The income declaration service is now available. Since Thursday, April 13, 2023, you can submit your form in paper or online format. You have a few weeks ahead of you to complete this often dreaded task. However, be careful not to exceed the deadline set by the tax authorities. You could expose yourself to penalties, such as a 10% increase in the balance of your income tax.

Regarding the deadlines, they differ depending on your place of residence. Here are the dates for submitting your online declaration:

For submission of your declaration in classic paper format, the deadline for submission is 22 May at 11:59 p.m.

Since 2020 and the implementation of the automatic declaration method, certain tax households are exempt from their declaration once the information pre-filled and known by the administration is correct, as explained on the tax authorities’ website. This system concerns you if your pre-filled declaration includes all of your income and expenses, if you have not reported any change in situation (address or family situation) in 2022.

Even if this measure put in place seems at first sight practical and faster, risks of complications quickly arrived. As stated in the Midi LibreJean-Baptiste de Pascal, Managing Director of Inter-Invest (investment company), “the automatic declaration is very practical for households who have their salary for all income. For others , it’s more complex and you have to be vigilant if you want to avoid complications”. Unfortunately, every year unpleasant surprises occur due to sometimes misleading communication from the tax authorities.

In the slideshow below, discover the 6 most common errors according to our colleagues at Capital, as well as how to correct them.