Although Corona is raging there – tourism experts want to in July, Arabs in the LandDie marketing organisation, Switzerland tourism rich wants to try again soon to move tourists from the Gulf States to travel in the cool of Switzerland.Konrad Staehelin0 Comment in this Corona-the summer is possible? Tourists from Dubai on a cruise on the lake of Lugano.Photo: Urs Jaudas

the residents should save the Swiss tourism summer. Then, as the marginal openings were decided, should Europeans from the near abroad to contribute their part. And since yesterday is clear: Even Arabs from the Gulf States to plug in July of the holes has ripped the Corona-crisis in the coffers of Swiss Hotels, Airlines, mountain Railways and Bahnhofstrasse boutiques. The organization, Switzerland tourism is working, at least, promoting worldwide travel to Switzerland, as this newspaper has learned.

At the media conference, the Switzerland tourism held its activities to cope with the doldrums on Friday, however, this was not an issue. Instead, to be launched in the “remote markets of the East,” which, in addition to India or China, the Gulf States, only in August a so-called awareness-raising campaign, said Director Martin Nydegger. To urge by means of advertising, specifically a trip, you would even in September. Internally, the plan is for Switzerland tourism, however, to do so in the Gulf countries in July, as speaker André Aschwanden confirmed.

420 Swiss francs per day

However, the first wave of the pandemic in the Region still in full swing: The number of new infections in the 2.8-million-inhabitant state of Qatar is just beginning to take off, and was on Thursday at 1600, so high Numbers, the Switzerland never came. Thus, Qatar currently has the world’s highest Rate of confirmed cases per capita. Bahrain and Kuwait land on this sad ranking on the places five and seven. In the United Arab Emirates, the curve is flattened already stronger, but the country reported on Wednesday, 659 new infections. And Saudi Arabia seemed to have been in the middle of the downward trend, as the number of confirmed cases began to increase.

“Once on a trip to Switzerland is possible again, we want to be ready.”

André Aschwanden, spokesperson for Switzerland tourism

the Arabs Would therefore be the whole of municipality guests, it would have been Switzerland tourism is probably not in a hurry to lure you back into the country. However you are spending most of the tourists. During a Swiss holiday makers per day, spends an average of 140 francs, a guest from the Gulf States, 420 francs.

That, according to the Switzerland-tourism-speaker Aschwanden, above all, a reason for this: If the Arabs do not come this summer, you have to wait a year to you. “The main time to travel to the Gulf States, the summer is usually when the Arab guests of the big heat to escape,” he writes. “This season begins in June and lasts until August. Promotional measures therefore need to be able to start soon as possible.”

the borders are not open

from the slopes Now, all of it, whether the Gulf States to Leave the country soon allow. “Don’t do that for this summer, is our next opportunity for effective Marketing until the next high season in the summer of 2021. We expect, however, to assume that the chances of the border are openings in July, also in the case of the Gulf States intact.”

Actually is at the Moment still uncertain when guests from the Gulf States in Switzerland and the Schengen area may enter. At the Moment, a Visa ban for the whole of the contract area. For the 6. July are certain relaxations of the Schengen external borders conceivable – which is still unclear. For the United Arab Emirates, for Switzerland has no visa requirement for tourists, could allow Switzerland theoretically, a unilateral entry again. “As soon as a trip to Switzerland is possible again, we want to be ready,” said spokesman Aschwanden explains why the marketing plans already in the drawer.

they are financed, among other things, with the 40 million Swiss francs, has spoken to the Parliament in special session from may for additional marketing efforts. Half of them are allowed to use other marketing organizations in the industry, the Rest of Switzerland tourism, in addition to the regular Budget of 84 million.

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