The destinations that are experiencing the strongest growth are those that suffered the least from the extreme heat last year. confirms this strong interest in regions that are not known for their high temperatures. The coast of the North-West quarter is experiencing the strongest growth in searches for holiday rentals compared to last year with an increase of 25%, from Pas-de-Calais to Loire-Atlantique via Normandy and Brittany. With a fall in the South of 17% for the Pyrénées Orientales and less 27% for the Var.

Like every summer, holidaymakers anticipate and are increasingly looking for rentals equipped with air conditioning, as evidenced by the example of Hérault, where 64% of customers have booked air-conditioned accommodation.

According to a study by CSA research for Cofidis, the intention to go on vacation despite inflation is only slightly down, 60% in 2023, compared to 63% in 2023. It is more a question of the budget allocated to vacations , which increased significantly, from 1,614 euros in 2022 to 1,986 euros in 2023, an increase of 23%.

The French save money where they can, by focusing on the essentials: transport and accommodation. Faced with declining purchasing power, how will the French finance these expensive holidays? The predominant tendency is to restrict the rest of the year.

One out of two French people manages to preserve their vacation budget by reducing spending in other areas. The main restrictions are observed in the purchase of clothing, shoes and beauty products for 49% of French people. This is followed by outings with friends to restaurants and bars (38%), followed by cultural outings such as cinemas, exhibitions and museums (32%). This data is provided by Yougov Promo Holidays.

You will find, in this slideshow, the best departments in which to go on vacation to avoid the heat wave.