Saint-Gilles –

The Belgian branch of the International Observatory of Prisons (OIP) has condemned the tightening of the prison regime at the prison of Saint-Gilles. To address the lack of prison staff, and the overcrowding of the prisons to deal with them, there were measures introduced, but that it “may be a situation that has become intolerable due to its proximity to the other, and content will only get worse”, warns one of the COMPANIES.

at the End of september, the trade unions, in consultation with the board of management decided, with the service to customize the function of the on-site staff to help with the shortage of staff and overcrowding in prisons, and to be compensated for.

However, the COMPANIES cannot benefit from the effects. “That is, visits from relatives, trips out to the courtyard and on the phone for a few weeks, only to have the next two days are permitted. In addition, the entrance to the prison, external agencies have been greatly reduced to the point that the majority of people don’t know how to make them and the jail entry,” according to OIP. The prisoners may also be deprived of their psychological and social follow-up, their education, and have access to all of the other activities are blocked. The measures taken to apply to officially have until the 15th of October.


The observatory denounces “the inaction of the state,” which “is solely responsible for the manner in which the prisoners were to be treated”.

According to the COMPANIES, shows the minister of Justice, Koen Geens (CD&V), “once again, he’s not going to be the court decisions, which are the violations and condemn them to freedom.

According to a spokesperson for the Federal department of Justice, the problems are being worked on. “Last week, we try and the regime at the prison of Saint-Gilles a few days to build up. Starting tomorrow (Tuesday, ed.). on a daily basis ability to walk, shower, hairdryer, and direct dial telephone. The visit will be for three days a week as possible,” says Kathleen Of The Pond.

Although the French-speaking commercial court of first instance in Brussels, in January of 2019 at the latest, the Belgian government six months ‘ time was given in order to put an end to the over-population of Saint-Gillisgevangenis, the setting is still more than 860 prisoners, about 500, according to COMPANIES have.