Boris Johnson, announced yesterday that the Brexit in a very bizarre way compared to a well-known Greek myth. He likened the whole process to the myth of Prometheus. Even as the diplomats of their own country, these smiles do not mean the General Assembly of the United Nations (un).

Prometheus brought mankind fire, in order for them to progress to. He stole fire from the Greek gods, and raised it the anger of Zeus, who, to him, for an eternity to children. Prometheus – son of Titan and nix – was chained to a rock, and is visited daily by an eagle on his liver, who, which, again, grew. So everything is re-started.

It was, however, guess what, Johnson is exactly meant by an equation. He was about Brexit, which in the eternity it takes to get completely controlled? It is also possible that Johnson sees himself as Prometheus: the quest for the British-the Brexit to be the country to move forward.

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