(Paris) A French player was sentenced Monday by the Paris court to three years in prison with a probationary suspension for two years, for having launched several attacks, in particular against the French video game giant Ubisoft, indicated his lawyer at AFP.

Yanni O., a 22-year-old whose gamer name is Y4nn0XX, was on trial for three separate cases that occurred between 2020 and the summer of 2022 in France and Canada.

The sentences in these three cases have been combined into one, which corresponds to the requisitions of the public prosecutor.

His lawyer, Me Armando Frignati, hailed AFP “an intelligent sentence”, and the fact that the court took into account “the frank alteration of discernment” of his client, highlighted by the reports of psychiatrists .

During his reprieve, Yanni O. “will have an obligation to compensate the victims, to treat himself and to work or undergo training”, he added.

The young man had admitted, during a hearing on June 12, to having briefly joined in the resounding attacks which had led to the blocking of the “My class at home” service set up by the Cned as part of new measures of fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.

He had also threatened and attacked Fuse III, a server administrator for the Minecraft game.

Finally, to lift the banishment measures to which he was subject on the shooting game Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege, he had attacked the video game publisher Ubisoft, with in particular a telephone prank which had caused the intervention of the anti-terrorist police in the premises of the company in Montreal.

In this case, “my client was acquitted on the charges of attempted extortion, fraud and threats against the military,” said his lawyer.

Contacted, the company Ubisoft was not able to comment immediately.