Soon the eighth wave? According to Swiss epidemiologist Antoine Flahault, it is already there and well established. “It is earlier than last fall. With 30,000 to 35,000 cases per day in France, this is a very clear progression of contaminations, and it is certainly very underestimated because the number of tests has collapsed compared to a few months ago. he explains to the Sud-Ouest media.

The reasons for this surge in cases of Covid-19 contamination? The return from vacation and back to school, both academic and professional. This allows populations to mix and therefore reinforces the transmission of the virus. In addition, the arrival of autumn and low temperatures weaken the immune system, indicates RTL.

It is therefore necessary to cover well…

Another solution to protect yourself from viruses in winter and in particular from Covid-19: vaccination. At present, France has, according to the data of September 25, 2022 from Public Health France, only 59.9% of its population completely vaccinated and having received a booster dose of the coronavirus.

However, this may not be enough. François Braun, the Minister of Health, made various announcements on Franceinfo concerning the Covid-19 vaccination. What are they ? To find out, Planet has produced the slideshow below which lists them.

Some departments, on the other hand, seem better equipped to get through the winter. Planet, in this article, lists those who have the highest vaccination rate in France and therefore who have the least risk of seeing a crisis situation occur.