The Flemish Parliament on Monday opened without using the traditional Septemberverklaring of the prime minister’s office. The chairman is Wilfried Vandaele (N-VA) holds a speech.

According to the Flemish decree, the parliament will open on the fourth Monday in september. Traditionally it’s done with a speech from the prime minister’s office, but it is not laid down. Wilfried Vandaele talks to the members and an Office will be elected. That is, it is in the day-today management of the european parliament, which shall consist of the president, vice-presidents, and secretaries.

in The table for the Flemish government had to be Saturday and Sunday, for the first time about the budget relating to them. This has so far failed to reach an agreement resulted. According to several of the attendees were still “several days” is required.

on Monday, the negotiators were back at the martyrs ‘ square.