Head of the day – The chief Indians of the DDRGojko Mitic was the response of the East German film industry on the Winnetou-actor Pierre Brice. As Brice Mitic never got from the Indians image – felt always very comfortable.Christine play Dössel0 Comment just like they once did in the Wild West of the GDR film industry: Gojko Mitic as Winnetou at the Karl May festival in Bad Segeberg.Photo: Christof Stache

In the GDR, they called him simply by his first name: Gojko. As a good friend or a brother. And Gojko Mitic was also, to a certain extent, the people’s own blood brother. The title “chief of the Indians of the Defa” adorns him like a doctor would. The Deutsche Film AG kurz Defa, was a “people’s own” film company of the former German Democratic Republic. From Babelsberg Defa supplied the Communist East Germany ideologically pure entertainment.

Gojko Mitic was about as a response to the GDR with Pierre Brice. The Frenchman was embodied in the 1960s Winnetou in the West German Karl May film adaptations. Therefore, many Mitic also call the “Winnetou of the East”. In the process, Mitic has the famous Karl-May-figure in any movie ever played – only after the turn, in the case of the Winnetou-open-air festival in Bad Segeberg, he was Mays noble Apache chief (the then but for many years, and in 1024 of the performances).

Consistently from the perspective of the Indian

The chiefs, the Mitic in a dozen Defa Indian films played, called Chingachgook, far spähender hawk, Osceola, Tecumseh, Ulzana – as noble, brave chieftains, as Winnteou, but that should come as authentic as possible over there. The GDR-Western developed your own profile: decidedly, from the perspective of the Indians told, in the interests of historical facts.

a Little wrinkled, but still fit: Gojko Mitic 2019, in Babelsberg.Photo: Future Image

“Winnetou” was, however, “campfire,” said Mitic once. He was a very virile and a lot of hand a stronger Hero than the ever so beautiful caught up in a leather costume in the distant view at the end of Pierre Brice: fight muscular athletic powerful into the stuff of legend, all the Stunts built for yourself making, always shirtless, insanely good. A Dream Appearance. A Superman. The East German rock group Express dedicated Mitic their Song “A Wigwam steht in Babelsberg” with the immortal rhyme: “Hey Gojko, Gojko, how we with you, feel’n, your muscles game’n let it once”.

Grew up in a Serbian village, studied Mitic sports in Belgrade and worked as an extra and Stuntman in the movie productions that were filmed in the sixties in the former Yugoslavia abound. The athlete was discovered of a Student for the first small film roles.

in 1963, he was given a tiny role in the Artur Brauner-produced Karl May-movie “Old shatterhand”. Impressed by his athletic appearance, it allowed him to take over in “Among vultures”, a larger role as the son of a Chief Wokadeh.

crowd favorite and heartthrob

The audience’s favourite and heartthrob, he was the same with his first chief role of Tokei-ihto in “The sons of the great she-bear”, 1966. The Film’s 10 million viewers – 17 million inhabitants saw in the GDR. Gojko Mitic is then, similar to the 2015 deceased Pierre Brice, as an actor from the Indian costume, little more came out. “I don’t think that was the worst drawer,” he once said. Mitic played in the Theater chief Bromden in “One flew over the cuckoo’s nest” by Milos Forman’s film adaptation with Jack Nicholson is known around the world.

On the weekend Mitic celebrated his eightieth birthday. Still, he looks fit and present, the Fans worship him still.

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