Le Grand Bluff: the 7 highlights in Patrick Sébastien’s show to review


The story of a great deception concocted by Patrick Sébastien. On December 26, 1992 on TF1, the host launched his show Le Grand Bluff. An unmissable event on television, entertainment marks the PAF with the hidden cameras of those who invite themselves to the film sets to trap (in another guise) their colleagues from the small screen.

But, at the origin of the show, Patrick Sébastien was going through a personal drama. “The genesis is dramatic”, confided to the Parisian the famous producer who had lost his son Sébastien in a motorcycle accident in July 1990. service, one of them came to see me. He had a beard and I imagined Sébastien in disguise. I said to myself: Come on, take it off, I know it’s you! It all came from that!” , recognizes the sexagenarian to our colleagues.

An incredible challenge for Patrick Sébastien who chooses laughter rather than tears to manhandle celebrities under the skin of unusual characters: knife thrower, father or contestant of a game show… The host-usurper has trapped a dozen stars while breaking an audience record with 17.4 million viewers in front of their screens. 30 years after its creation, Le Grand Bluff remains a cult program among the French.

To celebrate this anniversary, Patrick Sébastien has chosen to dedicate an unpublished report this Tuesday, December 27 on C8. The opportunity for the famous impostor to immerse the fans of the first hour (and the most curious) in nostalgia. In this special documentary, they will be able to review the key scenes that marked the show.

From Michel Drucker on his Star 90 show to Jean-Pierre Foucault on the set of Sacrée Soirée, not forgetting the presenter Philippe Risoli or even Evelyne Leclercq and Fabienne Égal in Tour roundabouts, these stars saw nothing but fire. Between heartthrobs and heartthrobs, from behind the scenes to the revelation of the trap, Planet has selected 7 memorable sequences for you to review for the best and for laughs.