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resim 325

To strike means to exert pressure and to stop working in order to obtain a satisfactory response to a professional demand. In general, the process is done in groups. In France, becoming a striker is a right for employees, what about certain professions?

For a work stoppage to be considered a strike, it must be the result of a collective movement and motivated by demands that must be exclusively professional. They can relate to working conditions, retirement, wages, etc. It is also necessary, of course, to stop all professional activity. If these three criteria are met, the right to strike can be exercised.

For public employees, a strike notice must be filed, which is not the case in the private sector. In general, the hierarchy must be informed 5 days before in the public. As an employee, you are protected by law to strike if the first three conditions listed above are met.

A striker cannot have any sanction or dismissal in the event of a strike. The deduction from salary in the private sector is equal to the effective time of absence, while in the public sector, 1/30th of the salary is subtracted per day of strike.

Let’s see below the professions in France that cannot go on strike.