as for Tom Boonen, allowed himself to, since Saturday, the champion name is in the CN Prototype, a Division of the Supercar and the Benelux Challenge. The former world champion in cycling, won the championship after he was at the TT-circuit in Assen, the netherlands, the first race of the weekend, won by team-mates Thomas Piessens and Sam Dejonghe. It is up to Race his first-ever title in the autoracerij. In the GT Division and became a Belgian champion, Max Weering, won the race, but our fellow-countryman, John Wild, was third and collected this have enough points to get the championship and secure.

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@supercchallenge champion of 2019! #justgotit everywhere to victory today at @ttcircuitassen thanks to the team @deldiche_racing and my buddy @samdejonghe now up to tomorrow for the final @belcarseries race.

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for More on Tom Boonen in The life of Tom Boonen, who has written: “In Belgium, he is now top of the European, he can top,” Tom Boonen said, behold, I had a Sunday for our own account, we recommend that Wout van Aert finished to court, and have an embarrassing confession: This is the number one favourite Tom Boonen up for the uci road world championships: “Every effort has been taken to yet another world championship title in his pocket to cross it,” Tom Boonen will experience the turmoil of the 24 Hours of Barcelona, with technical problems and an accident does finish