this Past weekend, got Nina Derwael of gold in the world CHAMPIONSHIPS artistic Gymnastics in Stuttgart, germany. The “Perfect World” took the news about her friend, and in the field, Siemen base, which is in the Roeselare-1B, at almost the same moment, scored, laughing. According to several media revealed that the goal is to go even further than that, the performance of the gymnast. And so it was, the satirical tv program one step further and applied it to the live commentary of the turnfinale to you: “Look, mrs. Siemen Foot and even tours to run.”

for More about Nina Derwael Nina Derwael it is celebrated in Sint-Truiden, belgium on the 26th of October, the world CHAMPIONSHIPS gold to deliver, Nina Derwael and only meager reward, but this moved them not: “I’ve been doing this for the love of the sport”, Why, love, Nina Derwael and her gold medal is also a little bit of it to her friend to thank, As did a friend of Nina Derwael in the game that they are gold, had some time to