As storm Larisa hits part of France, Météo France announces yellow “snow-ice” vigilance in many departments on Saturday March 11, 2023. As recalled by Météo France, it is not yet of the end of winter. This week, several yellow or orange vigilances were reported for wind, snow, avalanches, or even for waves and floods.

For this weekend, strong winds continue to blow on the territory. Nevertheless, La Chaîne Météo, specifies that they focus on a part of France. “The Larisa depression is shifting towards the North Sea. This distance leads to the rapid weakening of the winds on the northern half, except still on the Lorraine plateaus”. The south continues to be affected by gusty winds. “The most violent gusts concern Languedoc-Roussillon, the extreme south-east and Corsica with 110 to 130 km / h and locally up to 140-150 km / h on the most exposed reliefs”. These gusts should calm down at the start of the week with the arrival of particularly high temperatures on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Many departments are therefore concerned by a yellow snow-ice vigilance. Most of the snowfall was forecast overnight Friday through Saturday. Other departments will see their ground covered in snow until Sunday.

The forecaster specifies that in the “Northern Alps, moderate snowfall occurs above 1600 to 1800 m depending on the massifs. It is in the evening and night from Friday to Saturday that the snowfall will be the more abundant with a rain-snow limit which will drop to only 600 meters. The snow depths will become significant with 80 to 120 cm at 2000 meters of altitude and up to 150 cm at 2500 m”.

Find out in our slideshow below if your department is one of the twenty-seven on snow and ice vigilance this Saturday.